Who Knew Blenders Could be So Useful

Blenders aren’t anything new in our kitchens, we’ve been mixing, chopping, dicing and puree with them for years. We had three blades to work with, and we simply hoped for the best. Our old blenders were loud, ugly, and couldn’t make a smoothie worth sharing with a friend. Thankfully technology decided to give our old blenders a makeover, and now the possibilities are almost endless.

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High Performance Blenders

It seems silly referring to a blender as being “high performing”, but after you experience the wonder of a new, modern blender you’ll understand just what the manufacturers mean. Now you get six blades to chop and dice with inside your blender, and this is only the start. With the additional blades, you can now blend fruit smoothies that you can share with your friends. Strawberries, bananas, mangos, and even tougher pineapples can easily be blended with the ice, making a perfect smoothie without the embarrassing lumps and chunks of fruit and ice.

Green drinks are even possible now, and you can finally add flax, pumpkin and other seeds to be blended in your drinks. The health benefits are amazing with the new blenders, and the money that you save by blending your own can quickly add up.

Blender uses for partiesParties and Margaritas

Our old blenders were ugly, loud, and totally unsuited by any social gathering. Nothing can interrupt a conversation, or a good dance song like the loud rumbling motor of an old blender. New blenders are quieter and actually designed to look sleek, modern, and elegant. Their plastic pitcher can survive any accidental party drops, and the six sharp blades can crush and mix the perfect margarita or daiquiri.

Stop hiding in the kitchen and enjoy your own party, even while you are mixing great frozen drinks.

Improved Safety and Cleaning

Safety is always an important feature in any kitchen appliance, and the new blenders have several innovative safety features. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the blender will not turn on when the lid is not locked. Not only does this help to prevent the large messes that can occur when trying to use a blender without the lid, small children cannot stick their hands inside when the blender is turned on.  The blender container is also plastic instead of glass, and while some women may prefer glass the new jars will not break if they are dropped.

No one wants to spend hours cleaning a blender, and the newer models are easy to clean. Both the container and the blades are easy to remove, making it a breeze to wipe them down. They can even be placed in your dishwasher for even more convenience.

The new blenders can do so much more than our old ones and a lot quicker too. Their powerful motors can blend and chop almost anything, while still being quiet enough to use around other people. Make frozen party drinks, and healthy smoothies, all with a stylish looking blender. See what new recipes you can try with a powerful new blender.

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Gene Moore

Gene Moore

I’m a single mother who’s constantly looking for ways to make my life easier in the kitchen. I love entertaining and trying new recipes, without having to spend a lot of time on them. I spend most of my time outdoors in my garden, and with my dog Cooper. I love making healthy smoothies and fun frozen drinks at home, which is why I decided to start this page about blenders. During the long, hot summer months in Texas frozen drinks are a daily treat, and finding a way to make it easier has become a passion of mine.
Gene Moore

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