Review Of The Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Our blenders may be the most important small appliance in our kitchens, and many of us can’t imagine living without one. We used them to make great tasting fruit smoothies, nutritious juices, and even complete meals with a dessert. We have so many different uses for our blenders, that buying a combination blender makes perfect sense.

These complete kitchen systems can mix, puree, shop, dice, and can be used as a juicer and even a food processor. One of our favorites is the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. With so many different configurations there are endless possibilities what you can do with a Ninja Kitchen System. In this review we’ve included a few of our favorites, along with tips on how you can get the most out of your Ninja kitchen blender system.

A Complete Review of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

 When you first open the Ninja Mega Kitchen System don’t feel overwhelmed. While it may look like there are a lot of different parts to the system, it really is very easy to assemble and use. Along with a complete owner’s manual, recipe book, and a one year warranty, you’ll also get the following Ninja blender components.

  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) Juicing1,500 watt motor inside a sturdy and stable base
  • 72 oz. blending canister
  • 64 oz. food processing bowl
  • 24 oz bowl in bowl
  • 16 oz. Ninja nutrient travel cups (2)
  • Chopping blade attachment for the bowl in bowl
  • Dough and chopping blades for the food processing bowl
  • Extraction blades for the nutrient cups (2)
  • Ninja’s powerful crushing blade assembly for the large canister
  • Locking lid for the 72 oz. canister
  • Food processing bowl lid
  • To go lids for the 16 oz. cups (2)

Once you have unpacked all of the pieces to your complete blending system, it’s time to see what your new Ninja blender can do. The different blades and bowls all perform certain functions, giving you the ability to use just one appliance for all of your blending and juicing recipes.

Using the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

 You can do so much more than just blend ingredients with a Ninja Mega Kitchen System, and we’ll show how easy it is to use all of the blender’s unique functions.

  1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) Pot The most common use for the blending system is using the 72 oz. canister. It easily attaches to the sturdy 1,500 watt motor base, along with the blade attachment. Once you’ve attached the blending canister, simply add your ingredients and select your speed setting.

With the 72 oz. blending canister and attachment.

  1. To use the smaller 16 oz. cups, you’ll attach the canister and small blade assembly the same way as the larger blending jar. The main difference in use will occur when you go to choose a setting. On the base you’ll notice the “Single Serve” button which is designed to work with the smaller canister. One thing to remember is that the travel lids do not close all of the way, so it is important to watch how far you fill them up.


  1. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System also functions as a food processor, and it is just as easy to assemble as one of the blending canisters. The 64 oz food processing bowl and blade assembly simply lock into the blender’s durable motor base. The round bowl makes it easier for the blades to reach all of the ingredients, without leaving any stuck to the sides or the edges.


  1. Using the bowl in bowl function for the food processor may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. Simply assemble the blender the same way as you would for the food processor, with one additional step. Once the 64 oz. bowl is securely attached, the smaller 24 oz bowl sets directly inside. One word of caution is to always make sure the lid is securely on before starting the blender. If the small bowl is not placed directly in the center the lid will not lock.

Bowl in bowl food processor assembly.

Features of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) BladeThe Ninja Mega Kitchen System features a powerful 1,500 watt motor that is capable of blending large chunks of ice, whole and raw fruits and vegetables, and even seeds. You can make fresh juice and delicious smoothies. Puree whole vegetables for raw soups and even festive salsas, and whip up desserts in seconds. Some of the great features of the Ninja Kitchen System include:

Complete crushing technology is one of the trademarks of Ninja’s line of professional blenders. It gives you the ability to crush large chunks of ice, whole fruits and raw vegetables in seconds. You can easily make great tasting smoothies, homemade ice cream, creamy dips, and delicious salsas.

The 64 and 24 oz. food processing bowls is an invaluable tool in any kitchen. You can mix dough for pizza and breads and evenly dice all of your ingredients. The convenient bowl in bowl feature gives you more room for prepping additional produce or for adding the final ingredients to your recipe. The securely fitting lids also make the bowls great for storage, and help to prevent annoying messes.

Vitamin and nutrient extraction is also a breeze with the Ninja blending system. In only seconds, Ninja can make a refreshing juice or even a green smoothie that contains all of the raw fiber and nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. The strong Ninja blades can easily crush and puree ice, fruits, and all of your favorite vegetables.

Blend, Mix, Puree and More

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is one of our favorite small appliance combinations on the market. The Ninja not only blends all of our ingredients smoothly and evenly, it also powers through small seeds like sunflower and rye. Have fresh and nutritious juices every day, and make healthy and delicious smoothies for your family. The blending bowls and canisters are also BPA free, and all of the pieces are dishwasher safe. Spend less time preparing your meals and more time out of the kitchen with a Ninja blending system.

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