What Are Power Blenders?

Power BlendersIt can be difficult trying to understand all of the different types of blenders, and you may have been hearing people mention power blenders. Before you go running to your nearest appliance store looking for this new blender model, you should know that it means the same as a high performance blender.

Power Blenders

A power blender is simply referring to the blender’s horsepower. For a blender to be considered a high performance model it should have a motor over one HP. The term “horsepower” is used to refer to the unit of power that the blender’s motor is capable of producing, and can usually be found listed on the side of the product box. It will also be listed in the owner’s manual.

One thing to remember about horsepower is its actual performing horsepower will also be determined by the appliance’s wattage. The amount of electrical current that is turned into working energy is the actual horsepower of the motor.

Why is Power Important?

The high performance blenders are designed to give you the power you need to cut raw fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. While all of the horsepower may originate in the appliance’s motor, it is the design and speed of the blender’s blades that make chopping, dicing, mixing, and blending so quick and easy.

Some high performance blenders can rotate their blades up to 25,000 rpm. With the ability to rotate that quickly, enough friction can be made to make hot soups and sauces. If you slow the blades down to the lower speed settings, you can also make and blend creamy frozen ice cream and other summer treats.

More horsepower in a blender motor can also make it possible for you to mix and knead heavy dough, or blend hard nuts into a creamy, spreadable butter. Blend delicious smoothies out of whole fruits and vegetables, or puree raw produce to make a nutritious drink in seconds. Crush larger cubes of ice, dice and chop vegetables for salsas, and even grind seeds for all of their nutritional content.

High Performance Blenders

There are several types and models of high powered blenders, and we wanted to review three of our favorites to give you an idea of what you get from a high powered performance blender.

Blendtec Total Blender

This powerful blender features a 3 HP motor and 1,500 watts. Preprogrammed speed settings and automatic shutoff, make this an incredibly easy to use high performance blender. Most of this blender’s power comes from the single blade upswept assembly. The tip upped ends of the blade can easily cut their any hard vegetable, and evenly blend all of your ingredients. The blades are constructed of a stainless steel alloy, and are cold forged so you can make ice cream and other frozen desserts. The blender also includes a large BPA free 3 quart blending canister which only adds to the blender’s power and performance.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series

The Professional series blenders from Vitamix have a 2 HP motor and 120 volts. The blades on the blender can rotate up to 240 mph at top speed, and create enough friction to make hot soups and even drinks. Run the blender at the lower speed setting, and you can easily blend any flavor of frozen ice cream you can dream of. The 64 oz. BPA free blending container can easily make large meals or drinks for friends and family. The Vitamix professional blender will quickly cream, blend, chop, puree, heat, and can even grinds seeds and small nuts. A seven year warranty is also included with the Vitamix blender.

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender

This high powered performance blender can blend, chop, dice, and puree large amounts of ice, frozen vegetables, and raw foods. The 3.5 HP motor is capable of rotating the blades up to 30,000 rpm at its highest speed setting, and the 64 oz. blending container is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It is powerful enough to blend perfect smoothies in seconds, and can even chop large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. Blend dough for breads and pizza, and even remove seeds from strawberries. The blender also features a seven year manufacturer’s warranty along with a complete recipe guide to help you get started.

While there are several different types of blenders to choose from, knowing what to look for in terms of power can help you find the right kitchen appliance that will meet all of your needs. Simply remember to look at both the horsepower and the wattage of the motor and you’ll have the perfect power blender.

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