Ninja Ultra Kitchen System 1200 Review

Kitchen appliance combinations seem to be a growing trend lately, and they can be a great way to save time and money. They take up less counter space, and can help keep our kitchens from looking messy or cluttered. These are all great reasons to run out and buy the latest in combination kitchen appliances, but they are only worth the money when they actually work.

Unfortunately there have been too many miracle products that have promised to do the work all several others, and end up being thrown away as useless pieces of junk. So when we decided to test the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System 1200 we were prepared to be disappointed by this combination blender and food processor.

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The Ninja Ultra Kitchen System

If you aren’t sure, the Ninja Kitchen System is a European styled professional blender that has a powerful 1200 watt motor and four extremely sharp Ninja blades. The system can act as a blender, juicer, and food processor all built into one convenient appliance.

Included with the Ninja System are 2 personal travel cups with securely locking lids, a 64 oz blending and mixing bowl that can also act as a food processor with a 4 blade assembly included. You’ll also get the gigantic 72 oz pitcher that includes a powerful 6 blade assembly. A dough station, dough hook, and cookie paddle are also included so you can literally make anything you want quickly and easily with this easy to use appliance.

Quiet and Versatile

Thankfully blenders are not getting louder as they get more powerful, and the Ninja Kitchen System is amazingly quiet with its’ 1200 watt motor. You can use this appliance without worrying about waking sleeping children, and even carry on a conversation while the blender is running on high speed. It is perfect for making mixed drinks at parties or for use in a busy neighborhood bar.

The Ninja Ultra System features several different functions, all designed to make our work easier in the kitchen. You can do everything from whipping and dicing, to pureeing, mixing, and blending. You can also knead and mix dough along with mincing and grating. With everything that this versatile blender can do, you may even start to enjoying being in the kitchen again.

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Easy to Use and Clean

One of the best parts of this blender is that everything is dishwasher safe. The blade assemblies pop easily off, and the base for the motor can just be quickly wiped off with a damp sponge. The blender is designed with a wider base for better balance, and to help to prevent accidental tips and spills. While the pitcher and bowl both have locking lids that prevent any food or liquids from escaping. The easy touch buttons are clearly displayed, and the easy to follow guide takes all of the mystery out of operating a combination kitchen appliance.

Using the Ninja Kitchen System

We discovered that this powerful blender can chop large chunks of ice and seconds, and make large pitchers of creamy smoothies without any problems. The one thing that we did learn, was that the ingredients should never exceed the top of the measuring lines on the bowl and pitcher. A good tip to follow is the dry ingredients should always be half of the containers measurements, and wet should not go past the top line marker. This little tip will save you a lot of time and frustration when you are wiping up a sticky mess.

Gene Moore

Gene Moore

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Gene Moore

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