Getting a small kitchen appliance for your home can be, well, quite a big deal. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or not, the goal is to breeze through meal preparation—that is, without ever compromising taste. Fret not, because there’s Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper, and Ice Crusher: More Power and 2 Times Faster. It’s bound to be your trusted blender—sparing your hands from the hassles of tossing in and perfectly mixing just about anything and everything you need for every meal, as well as drink.

Too Powerful and Versatile for Its Size

“Thorough and even” best describe the blending, chopping, and crushing capacity of this Ninja blender. It is unlike other blender models in which the processed ingredients are concentrated at the bottom, resulting in the inconsistency in the texture. At times, the fruits and vegetables tossed in the blender even become too watery, but drained of the flavor. With this Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper, and Ice Crusher: More Power and 2 Times Faster, you can work around these minor kitchen disasters.

Ninja has engineered a technology of the six-level blades, ensuring that from top to bottom, the ingredients are cut and mixed well. What’s more, it may take only a fraction of the time you spend with other blender brands to make smoothies, chop food, and crush ice. This blender particularly illustrates its wonders on ice as you can crush it to a consistently fine texture.

Functional and Fashionable Design

The blender set is inclusive of a 48 oz pitcher, a 40 oz bowl and two 16 oz bowls—all BPA-free. If you are multi-tasking in the kitchen, you can conveniently move from one container to another as it utilizes the Master Pod. With this stick style, it may be easier to move from one container to another when blending, crushing, and chopping.

The pod and blade are powered by 450 watts. This combination of features is what makes this Ninja blender a more powerful and faster kitchen companion.

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Ease-of-Use: the Downside

The very strength of Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper, and Ice Crusher: More Power and 2 Times Faster may also serve as the drawback for users and potential buyers. Here are some of its downsides based on the ninja blender reviews we have gathered.

  • A bulky Master Pod. The pod’s size can make moving around rather inconvenient for some users. For example, you’d have to remove the pod with two hands and set it aside so you can toss in additional ingredients, versus other blenders where you can lift the cover using one hand, leaving you with a free hand.
  • Pod alignment. With so many parts—splash guards, lids, blades, and pod—having to work together, aligning them may be too tedious and even delicate.
  • User Manual Dependency. Not all users get it right for the first time or all the time with this blender. The user manual definitely has to be at bay most of the time to get perfect results.
  • Less spacious containers. The blades’ design provides efficiency, but also consumes much container space. So if you need to blend quite some ingredients, you might have to do so in batches.

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Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper, and Ice Crusher: More Power and 2 Times Faster can be a reliable kitchen companion with its impressive technical specifications. However, it cannot guarantee ease-of-use for every owner. If the cost outweighs the benefits—that is, the little inconveniences are tolerable given the power and speed, then this tool can be a ‘go’ for you.