Do Ninja Blenders Really Make A Difference?

Do Ninja Blenders Really Make A Difference

Finding the right blender for your kitchen needs can seem like an impossible task. Between deciding on the type of blender, you also have to choose what functions are absolutely necessary to make all of your favorite recipes and drinks. Once you’ve accomplished all of this, you still have to determine which brand of blender you’re going to purchase.

Affordable and Powerful 

Not all blenders are the same, but there is one manufacturer whose name is always seems to be mentioned. Ninja blenders are a perfect mix of affordability and high performance power. They can chop, mix, dice, and puree almost any ingredient and they are incredibly easy to use. All Ninja small kitchen appliances also include limited manufacturer’s warranties, which can give you a little more peace of mind after purchasing a high performance blender.

Ninja blenders can make a difference in the kitchen by cutting prep time, blending fresh juices and smoothies, and even mixing dough and grinding small seeds. These small countertop appliances all included Ninja’s trademark sharp blades and high performance motors. With their long line of performance blenders there is sure to be a Ninja small kitchen appliance that will fit perfectly with all of your blending needs.

Easy to Clean and Use

Easy to Clean Blender

Ninja’s 6 blade assembly and powerful motor may be a couple of the reasons for the enormous popularity of these blenders, but they are also incredibly easy to use and to clean. All of the attachments and blending canisters are dishwasher safe, and the motor base can be easily wiped down with only a damp cloth. A simple touch button control is featured on most of the Ninja blenders, with some even including preprogrammed speed settings.  The blending and mixing canisters are also BPA free to meet all food safety prep and storage precautions.

Ninja Blenders Can Make a Difference

The right Ninja blender can make a difference in how you feel about your kitchen and preparing meals, snacks, and even frozen smoothies. A blender can make it easier to eat healthier and prepare all of your favorite recipes. Have fresh and nutritious juice whenever you feel like it, and even blend homemade ice cream on a hot afternoon.

While the best Ninja blender can dramatically shorten the time you spend in the kitchen, the wrong countertop appliance can make you wish you never purchased a new blender. To help make it easier to pick the right Ninja blender we’ve divided them into two simply categories so you choose the best high performance blender for you.

Ninja Blenders and Mixers

If you are only planning on using your blender for mixing dry and wet ingredients and blending your favorite produce, then one of these Ninja blenders might be what you are looking for. They can chop, dice, and puree, and the 6 blade assembly can pulverize ice without turning your fruits and vegetables into disgusting mush. Make flavorful fruit smoothies in seconds and tackle all of your prep work in minutes, with any of these great Ninja blenders and mixers.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)

This blender features a powerful 1000 watt motor and Ninja’s crushing technology. It functions as both a blender and a food processor, and features 3 speed settings and pulse. Crush ice and raw produce for smoothies, or make frozen drinks for parties with the 72 oz BPA free blending canister. This blender is also perfect for making great tasting vegetable dips, sauces, and will also dice your ingredients for homemade soups.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus (BL830)

The Ninja Ultima Blender gives you more options and functions. It features 10 adjustable speeds and a 1500 watt motor. This blender features a 72 oz pitcher, a 16 oz nutrient cup and 2 convenient travel cups. A six blade assembly works to crush ice and raw produce in the larger canister, while a smaller nutrient blade easily attaches to the single serving container. Blend smoothies for your family, or one for your morning breakfast, this ultimate blender even lets you control the blending speeds and time.

Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004)

More than just a blender, the Ninja Master Prep also doubles as a food processor and mixer. The 48 oz. blending pitcher may be smaller, but it can pulverize ice for smoothies and puree whole fruits and vegetables for soups and sauces. The 40 oz. and 16 oz chopping and processing bowls are perfect for dicing ingredients for salsas and even chunky chicken salads. A four and 6 blade assembly is also included so you can get perfectly chopped, diced, pureed, and blended ingredients every time. Another thing that sets this double duty countertop appliance apart is that you control the blending speeds with the power pod. The pod attaches to any of the including canisters, and the chrome button works with just a touch of your hand. While you cannot start the blender any walk away, you do have absolute control over the entire blending process.

Ninja’s Kitchen Systems

Since we constantly want our blenders and other small kitchen appliances to do more, Ninja has come up with their complete blending systems. They can replace other countertop appliances freeing up more space in your kitchen, and you can also add attachments and blending canisters to do even more with your Ninja kitchen system. Some of these systems can even replace your outdated coffee bean grinder.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

This system can replace three of your small kitchen appliances. Blend frozen fruit and ice to make delicious smoothies, or use the mixing bowl for easy food prep. Along with the Ninja’s blade assemblies, you also get a dough hook and paddle. Quickly mix and knead dough to perfection, and make great tasting dips and sauces. This small kitchen system also features Ninja’s nutrient removal technology so you can have fresh fruit and vegetable juice with all of the delicious, nutrient rich pulp in every glass of juice. Travel cups and locking lids are also included with the easy to use pulse kitchen system.

Ninja Ultra Kitchen System 1200

This larger kitchen system includes a large 72 oz blending pitcher, processing and mixing bowl, and single serve blending canisters and travel cups. The larger pitcher makes it easy to blend larger quantities of fruit, vegetables and ice for great tasting smoothies and drinks for parties or just for your family. The processing bowl works for both chopping and dicing ingredients for soups and salsas, and can also be used to mix and knead dough. The single serve cups can be used to make nutritious juices, smoothies, or even for small amounts of prep work. They can also grind seeds and nuts for butters.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This Ninja kitchen system can replace almost all of your other small kitchen appliances. It features a large 72 oz. blending pitcher, a bowl for food prep and for mixing dough, along with single serve nutrient cups which also double as convenient travel mugs. With makes this Ninja system different from the others is its bowl in bowl design. Prep all of your ingredients ahead of time, and use the locking lids to keep everything fresh. The small three oz. bowl fits easily inside the larger bowl so you can easily handle all of the finish touches. The kitchen system includes a powerful 1500 watt motor, and blade attachments for blending, chopping, dicing, and mixing dough. One touch buttons make it easy to select your perfect speed setting, or choose from one of the preprogrammed speeds. An auto shutoff is also included to help protect the motor from overheating.

Ninja kitchen systems can replace your old mixers, grinders, and even juicers. They are powerful and feature a variety of different options and functions, but you can also add more to your Ninja kitchen system. Order more bowls and containers for more prep work and storage, or add a grinding blade for small seeds and even coffee beans. With a Ninja kitchen system you will have endless options over what you and your blender can do.


There is no doubt that a Ninja blender can make a difference in your kitchen, and once you simply separate them into two categories you will have a better idea of what each blender or system can do. Regardless of which appliance is right for you, they will all have Ninja’s powerful motor and blade assembly so you can easily prepare all of your favorite recipes no matter what they are.

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