Is The Ninja Blender Good For Juicing?

A question that is becoming more common recently is whether a Ninja blender can juice. If you simply want to make fresh juice a standard juicer is probably your best choice, but if you also want all of the features of a regular blender then a Ninja blender could be what you’re looking for.

Juicing with the Ninja is amazingly easy, you simply put in the chunks of fruit and the blender does the rest. The ninja can handle pineapple, watermelon, and all of your citrus fruits without a single problem, and it is incredibly easy to clean up afterwards. Unlike traditional juicers, a Ninja blender doesn’t need you to cut all the fruit into smaller pieces saving you precious time during your busy morning routine.

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If you have been wondering if there are Ninja blenders for juicing, we can safely say that there are. They can make fresh juice for you every day without all of the hassles you get with a typical juicer. Before you run out and buy the first Ninja blender you see, here are a few essential features you need to look for in your new blender.

Strong sharp blades are important if you want to be able to chop up and smoothly blend all of the fruit or vegetable pieces. If you don’t mind large lumps in your juice, a regular blender might be able to give you a little juice with the chunks of fruit but for the best results, look for Ninja blenders with their blade technology. This will give you the strong, sharp blades you need to have smooth and delicious juice every time.

Pulse technology and blender speed is another important thing to consider. If you were only planning on drinking juice made from extremely soft fruit like watermelon you won’t need to worry about power and speed. If you want to expand your tasting and juicing horizons, then you need to consider how much power and speed the blender has. Harder fruits need blenders that not only have pulse setting, they also need to be at least 550 watts. This will give you the power and speed you need to handle hard pieces of fruit like apples and pineapples without breaking or becoming stuck.

Cleaning is something a lot of people don’t consider until it is actually time to start trying to wash and clean their blender. One of the most common complaints regarding juicers is that they are incredibly messy and difficult to clean. You want to find a Ninja blender that seals tightly when blending to keep the juice in, but also comes apart easily for cleaning. Being dishwasher safe is another great time saving feature to look for.

Now that you know what to look for in a juicing blender, it is time to consider some of your options. We looked at, and tried all of the Ninja blenders and found three of our favorites. These blenders met all of our requirements which basically are the same as yours, make great tasting juice quickly and easily, without any mess. Here are our picks to help you decide which Ninja blender is best for juicing.

Ninja Blender Juicing Reviews

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (BL201)

With 550 watts of power, this sleek and modern looking blender can give you perfectly delicious juice every time. With a pulse speed setting and Ninja’s exclusive blade crushing technology, you can crush the hardest fruit safely and easily. You don’t have to worry about broken blades, Ninja’s are strong enough to cut through chunks of ice, and hard fruits and vegetables without problems. The nutrient extraction cups give you smooth juice with all vitamins you want.

The blender bowl is 40oz, along with the tightly sealing safety lid, so you can make enough juice for your entire day. The nutrient cups also include locking lids, so you can grab your juice on the go. It is dishwasher safe and the included instruction and recipe book get you quickly started living a healthier lifestyle as soon as you take your new blender out of the box. What makes this blender even better, is it also includes dough paddles and hooks with the assortment of blades so your healthy eating habits can easily continue throughout your day.

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender with Free Cookbook – Model BL205

This contemporary blender is so versatile that it even amazed us. The clear and white design looks great in any kitchen, meaning you don’t have to hide your blender under the counter and has all of the pulse powered technology you’d expect from a blender and juicer. The strong, sharp blades can easily cut through any hard or fibrous fruit, so you don’t have to worry about drinking any disgusting stringy pieces. The bowl is 40oz, and has a tightly locking lid so you don’t have to worry about annoying sticky messes. The ninja blender is also dishwasher safe, and comes apart in seconds.

The Ninja blender also includes a free cookbook, which is filled with hundreds of great tasting and nutritious recipes. Included in the book are recipes for smoothies, juices, soups and sauces. There is even a section for healthy desserts! This ninja blender can make juicing fun, and even give you great ideas for healthier meals for the rest of your family.

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

First of all, this blender just looks professional. It includes Ninja’s powerful, sharp blades and pulse speed technology. What really makes this blender special is the interchangeable power pod. This power pod was what really made us pay attention to the blender since it can easily switch between the blenders two bowls. First you have a bowl for chopping, dicing, pureeing, and juicing, then you move the power pod to the 48oz pitcher for a even smoother and well blended juice.

Before you worry about making a mess switching between the two canisters, we assure you it is quick and easy with absolutely no mess. The easy pour spouts on the containers work like a dream, and there is even a slip guard on the base to prevent spills and splashes. It is dishwasher safe, so even cleaning up afterwards only takes seconds. Super tight lids also keep all of your food and juice fresh.

With any of these blenders by Ninja, you can easily have fresh juice and nutritious meals anytime. Best of all, these blenders are quiet, powerful, and very easy to clean up afterwards. Try juicing with a Ninja blender and start living a healthier life today.

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