Foodies like me can benefit a lot from the Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender with Single Serve. It has so many outstanding features that other regular blenders do not have.

First, it has a powerful 1500 watt motor and really sharp blades that enables you to concoct great tasting but healthy juices from whole fruits and veggies; crush ice for your favorite smoothies, chop meal ingredients evenly for soups, pies and dumplings; and knead dough when you just want to make your own pizza, bread and other pastries.

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And, I don’t have to hold this blender firmly the way I did with my previous blenders. Yes, because its base has a powerful suction that attaches to any table or counterpart. I remember one time when I was in such a hurry, my elbow accidentally bumped into the Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender. I already closed my eyes, waiting for my precious concoction to flow freely on the floor, but lo and behold! This blender didn’t even budge. It turns out that you can only remove it by pressing on the release lever.

Here are other features that I absolutely love:

More options

This blender comes with 72oz. pitcher,  64oz. bowl and 2 single serve 16oz. cups that you can use interchangeably, depending on how much juice or processed food you need.  You can even take the small cups to work, in the gym or anywhere you wish to have a healthy drink sans the worry of preservatives or unhygienic food preparations, since you made them yourself.

It also has other attachments that you can use for each task as specified in the easy-to-read manual.

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Better consistency

Before I bought this beauty, I read ninja blender reviews. One of the concerns raised by most users is that this blender does not make really smooth smoothies or chop greens and nuts effectively. So I did more research and found out that you have to put the nuts or greens first before any other ingredients. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a coarse mixture.

Of course, anything this good has to have some glitches, right? And yes, Ninja BL770 does have its own share of issues too. I found these out as I used it and from product reviews of other users. Here they are:

  • It has very sharp blades that make it dangerous to clean manually. You really need a dishwasher for it.
  • It requires a lot of space. Therefore, this won’t be your best bet if you have a limited kitchen area.
  • It’s not a juice extractor. Yes, it’s not – although you can do “whole fruit juicing”. Its main function is to blend, not juice.
  • It’s not a Vitamix. Yes, it isn’t, and it isn’t priced as one.

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Even with its glitches, I find my Ninja BL770 MEGA Blender with Single Serve a great kitchen tool that gives me and my family healthier food options. Maybe this is also the reason why 44 out of 66 users find it satisfactory.