A Juicer vs. Ninja Blender: Comparison to Find The Best

Juicer vs. Ninja BlenderWe all know that using a juicer is one of the best ways for us to get our vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, but is a juicer really the best way to go? A minor kitchen debate has been brewing over whether a standalone juicer or a Ninja blender is the best way to get great tasting, nutritious juices and we decided that we wanted to know the answer. We took a standard juicer and the Ninja Mega Kitchen System and put them to the test to see if the Ninja really could replace our juicers.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System vs. Juicer

If you already own a juicer, then you know how great they can be at making small amounts of chunky liquids, but that is all that they are designed to do. Unlike a Ninja blender/juicer combo, a standalone juicer will not get all of the nutrients and fiber out of your produce, nor can it use larger whole fruits. A juicer also lacks the power and versatility of the Ninja Mega Kitchen, and it can be harder to clean up after use.

The Ninja Mega System can easily blend whole and raw fruits and vegetables into great tasting juices without or without the nutritious pulp. It is easy to use, powerful, and also includes Ninja’s juice extracting cup. Preprogrammed speed settings, including pulse give you complete control over the consistency of your juice.

The Mega Kitchen System is not only a juicer, but also a blender, mixer, and even a food processor. All of the components are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. A sturdy base helps to keep the blender balanced, and prevent messy spills.


What’s Included with the Ninja Kitchen System

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System includes everything you need to make great tasting and healthy juices, smoothies, and meals. The complete system includes:

  • A 1500 watt power base
  • 72 oz. blending pitcher
  • 64 oz. food processing bowl
  • 2 nutrient cups for vitamin extraction
  • 24 oz mini mixing bowl
  • Lids for each of the bowls and cups
  • Blade assembly for 72 oz. pitcher
  • Blade and dough paddle for the 64 oz. bowl
  • Smaller blade assembly for the mini prep bowl
  • Single blade for the nutrient cups

Using the Ninja as a Juicer

 The Ninja Mega Kitchen System lets you choose the amount of juice you want to make. Use the single serve cups for traveling, and the larger 72 oz. pitcher to make nutritious juice for your entire family. The Ninja is easy to use, and features a touch control panel on the front of the blender’s base. There is even a button for the single serve nutrient cups.

Extracting the nutrient rich juice is easy with a Ninja blender, you simply add ice and the produce that you want and select your speed setting. Along with the single serve touch button, you can also choose from three speed settings and pulse. If you prefer less pulp in juice, the Ninja can take care of that too. Simply add more water or water based produce, and blend for a few minutes longer.

Warranty and Service

All Ninja blenders include a standard limited warranty, along with access to Ninja’s excellent customer service center. Have all of your questions quickly answered, and get new recipes and juicing ideas from other Ninja blender owners.


A traditional juicer is able to make juice and extract some of the nutrients, but it does not perform as well as the Ninja. Not only can the Mega Kitchen System make great tasting and nutritious juice from your favorite foods, it can also function as a mixer, blender, and a food processor. In answer to the debate over which is better, it simply comes down to what you want and need from your small kitchen appliance.

Gene Moore

Gene Moore

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Gene Moore

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