What Kind of Industrial Blender You Should Own?

We all know what a blender is and how handy they can be.  Industrial blenders are usually of a more powerful breed with greater speed and capacity.

When trying to choose a blender the first thing you need to really think about is what is the main use of this blender going to be is it going to be used to chop things or smooth things.  You need to take into consideration it’s main purpose.  You can make sauces with a blender but you can also grind.  So depending on ingredients and the end result you are looking for you should pick one that suites use.

You also need to think about how often you are going to use this blender.  Is this a daily use item, if so you might want to spend extra to make sure it holds up?

The blades and motor assembly are very important as well as power and speed.  You need to really keep an eye on these when purchasing a blender.

Another thing to keep in consideration is size.  Will it fit in the space you have available for it?    Large capacity is always a plus.

From my research most high capacity blenders hold about 64 oz and most have at least a 2-3 horsepower motor.  Using these as measuring sticks should help in seeing past the bells and whistles in the product.  You will also note that a BPA picture is industrial standard.  Most blenders also seem to come with recipies and cookbooks.  Another industry standard is stainless steel blades.

So what makes a good blender?

  1. Does it do what you want for a price within your budget
  2. Does it fit how often you plan on using it
  3. Does it have the power needed for the job
  4. Does it have the capacity needed
  5. Will this blender hold up

My Top Choices for Industrial Blenders

I have taken into consideration all of these factors and came up with my top choices for industrial blenders.  This is a generalized overview.  I hope my guide aides you in your quest for a blender that fits just right into your needs.

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender

This one has the horsepower in excess.  If you are looking for a powerhouse this is the one to chose.  You can use this blender for anything imaginable.  From soup to smoothies to ice this one can back it.   The pitcher holds a full 64 oz.  and is 19 inches tall making this a great high capacity blender.

Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

This blender boastspower.  It comes with a pitcher that is BPA free and holds 64 oz.  Preprogramed setting are nice but I often find them to be useless in reality but on this one it makes it easy to adjust the settings.    This one also boasts speed.   This model comes with two cookbooks but I often find the recipies in these to be to simplistic, to use ingredients I don’t have or just not to be my type of thing.  Don’t forget this one also has a seven year warranty.  This is highly versatile and can be used for making home made peanut butter.  This is a very durable blender that will last a long time with all metal drive instead of plastic.  This is very important since metal holds up much longer.

Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender

This blender boasts both power and speed and a direct drive.  Direct drive makes a blender last much longer.  This blender has preprogrammed settings as well as the ability to tweak them to fit your needs.  This one has touch pads and an auto shut off and we all know how easy it is to leave a blender on and forget it.  This is a great blender for ice crushing.  This blender also comes with recipes.  The motor has a three year warranty while the blades have a lifetime warranty and the picture has a year long warranty.  I have found that on items like this warranty is important. Blendtec Total blender brags the ability to make bread dough which is something very few can brag.  The picture is lightweight so you don’t give your wrist a workout it only weighs 18.7 ounces.  I have weak wrists and at times find it discouraging that so many appliances require strong wrists.  So to me this is a big plus.  The bushings are made of exceptional materials which means longer lasting.  Bushings are the main moving part in a blender and the main thing that goes out.  This is a very important feature.   The machine cuts down on friction making wear and tear less and this blender even has a brain making it a smart blender.  This is one of the best on the market.

Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender

This blender is great for smoothies like its name implies.  With its ice saber blades ice doesn’t stand a chance.  This system has a patented wave action which makes the smoothie smoother.  It also has a no mess pouring spout this one boasts simplicity you simply push a button walk away and 45 seconds latter you have the perfect smoothie.  This is a very economical machine.  Though not as buff as many of it’s counterparts wonderful for it’s specified function, smoothies.

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series, Brushed Stainless Finish

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series machine is a bit spendy but has all the bells and whistles.  This machine also brags power and speed and backs it .  It has a large capacity picture at 64 oz. and is BPA free.  The lid is spill proof and vented.  This blender is good for thicker mixtures as well as the normal usage.  The one thing you can say is it is made in the USA.  This blender also comes with two cookbooks.  This is an ease of use machine combined with versatility  Easy clean system makes using this machine a dream.  It comes with a 7 year warranty.  There is an online community that also shares recopies.  It comes with its own DVD and a six foot power cord.  I often find the cords on these things to be to short so this to me is a giant plus.

Omega BL420S 3 Peak Horse Power Commercial Blender

This is another spendy model but well worth it.  The picture boasts being unbreakable on this one.   The container holds 64 oz. and is BPA free.   This blender is of high quality construction.  This is a very versatile machine able to tackle any job thrown at it.

Picking the right blender

When picking the right blender just keep in mind your budget and what you are using it for as well as how often you are using it.  With these ideas in mind I am sure you will make the right choice.


Blenders are a great accessory to any kitchen.  I hope my guide has helped you in finding that one that fits your needs.  I am sure you will find that having the right blender will help you in your daily culinary pursuits.

Gene Moore

Gene Moore

I’m a single mother who’s constantly looking for ways to make my life easier in the kitchen. I love entertaining and trying new recipes, without having to spend a lot of time on them. I spend most of my time outdoors in my garden, and with my dog Cooper. I love making healthy smoothies and fun frozen drinks at home, which is why I decided to start this page about blenders. During the long, hot summer months in Texas frozen drinks are a daily treat, and finding a way to make it easier has become a passion of mine.
Gene Moore

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