What Are The Best 3 HP Blenders?

You may be asking yourself why you would need a 3 HP blender, and the answer depends on what you are trying to blend. It makes sense to have a powerful blender in a bar or small restaurant, but do you really need one in your kitchen? If you are only using your blender for small jobs like blending or pureeing soft fruits and vegetables for sauces and soups you are probably doing just fine with a one horsepower motor. If you want to start trying some of the healthy new recipes, it might make sense for you to upgrade to a powerful high performance blender.

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While they may be more expensive than less powerful blenders, a 3 HP blender will last longer without experiencing any of the overheating that often occurs when an appliance is running over its capacity. They have the power you need to chop and blend frozen ingredients and large chunks of ice. They can handle stringy greens and tough seeds with ease, blending them into delicious and nutritious drinks and smoothies.

The growing popularity of raw food diets can also contribute to your need for a more powerful blender. Hard baby carrots, walnuts, and pineapple are all common ingredients in many of the raw diet recipes and only a high performance 3 HP blender has the power you need to easily blend all of your ingredients without overheating, breaking, or completely dying.

If you are considering getting a powerful 3 HP blender, we’ve included a review of three of our favorites.

The Three Best 3 HP Blenders

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender

This professional grade blender has a 3.5 HP motor that can easily blend smoothies, crush ice, and puree hard vegetables for soups and sauces. The heavy base gives Waring Pro blender additional stability to keep it from tipping during use, and the pour spout and non slip handle makes holding onto the 64 oz. pitcher a breeze, even when it’s full. You also get complete control over all of your mixing and blending with the pulse setting.

Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender

Blending and mixing has never been easier with automatic shutoff, preprogrammed blending cycles, and digital controls. Simply place all of your ingredients into the canister, touch a button and the professional blender will do the rest. A 2 quart blending canister, locking lid, and a complete recipe guide are all included to help you get started making healthy and delicious drinks, snacks, and even entire meals.

Omega BL630W 3-HP Variable Speed Blender

With a virtually unbreakable container you can mix, blend, dice, and puree just about anything without worry. The Omega blender includes several speed and timer settings so all of your ingredients turn out perfectly every time. An automatic shutoff function also helps to protect the motor from overheating.

Gene Moore

Gene Moore

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Gene Moore

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